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Going Big to Get Noticed: The Power of Large Format Graphics for Brands

In today’s fast-paced world, bombarded by digital noise and competing for fleeting attention spans, brands need to find impactful ways to stand out. Enter the power of large format graphics – a marketing giant that delivers undeniable results.

Think big for bigger results

Large format graphics are essentially oversized masterpieces, transforming walls, buildings, and even entire landscapes into captivating canvases for your brand message. Unlike traditional advertising, they can’t be easily ignored. Their sheer size demands attention, making them a powerful tool to grab eyeballs and leave a lasting impression.

Large format graphics offer a powerful solution, delivering the scale, creativity, and impact to truly get noticed. So, don’t be afraid to go big and unleash the power of large format graphics to elevate your brand and drive success!

Benefits beyond size

The power of large format graphics goes far beyond their physical scale.

Here’s why they’re a game-changer for brands:

Capture Attention Instantly
In a world overflowing with visual stimuli, large format graphics have the power to break through the clutter and make a lasting impression.
Boost Brand Awareness
Bold visuals and impactful messaging solidify your brand identity in the minds of potential customers.
Create Emotional Connections
Large format graphics allow you to tell your brand story in a visually captivating way, fostering emotional connections with your audience.
Drive Sales & Engagement
A well-designed large format graphic can trigger action, whether it’s directing customers to your website or encouraging them to visit your store.

What messages work best?

Large format graphics offer a unique platform for a variety of brand messages.

Here are a few effective strategies:

Bold Branding
Showcase your logo and brand identity in a way that commands attention.
Product Launches
Generate excitement for new product releases with eye-catching visuals.
Immerse viewers in your brand narrative with captivating imagery and messaging.
Call to Action
Motivate viewers to take the next step, whether it’s visiting your website or joining a promotion.

Where will large graphics make the biggest impact?

The beauty of large format graphics lies in their versatility.

Here are some prime placements for maximum impact:

High-Footfall Shopping Centres
Captivate shoppers at key decision-making moments, influencing purchasing decisions with high-impact floor-to-ceiling graphics on walls, or even suspended installations to create a visually dominant presence.
Towering Buildings
Large format graphics can completely transform a building. Bold colours, captivating imagery and clear messaging on a large canvas can be a powerful tool for driving awareness and capturing attention. Dominate the skyline and establish brand dominance within the cityscape.
Exhibition Centres
High quality graphics with vibrant colours and captivating visuals will create a lasting impression on potential partners and customers and can showcase your brand identity, products, or services in a visually striking way.
Educational Campuses
Engage students and faculty staff with visually stimulating messages along corridors, in classrooms and in social spaces.

Your large format graphics partners

We have vast experience in designing powerful, quality large format graphics that attract attention.

We would love the opportunity to be your selected graphics partner for all your large format print requirements. Contact our creative team today! For more information on all the signage and graphics solutions we offer, please visit or call us on 01256 364674.