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Innovative branding and interior design with custom printed window manifestations

Impression Graphics & Installations in Hook, Hampshire are experts in window manifestations.

Window manifestations make large areas of glass panels visible, usually with graphic displays, to prevent people colliding with the glass.

In critical locations, Building Regulations do specify that companies must comply with legislation when it comes to window manifestation.


They state they must be:

‘contrasting visually with the background seen through the glass (both inside and out) in all lighting conditions.’

It applies to areas where transparent glazing forms internal or external walls or doors of shops, showrooms, restaurants, offices, factories, public and other non-domestic buildings where people are moving around and could collide with the glass.

We can advise on the most up to date legislative requirements for window manifestations.

Window manifestations in the workplace

You may be considering glass-partitioning in your workplace, which is common for meeting rooms and creating privacy between work spaces in an open-plan environment.  Glass manifestations provide opportunity for enhancing your brand and improving the overall aesthetic of the area which can improve employee productivity and wellbeing.

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