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Signage design, manufacture and installation service in Portsmouth

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Selecting a local signage design company for your business in Portsmouth offers a multitude of advantages, contributing significantly to the effectiveness of your signage and overall business strategy.

Impression Graphics & Installations, conveniently situated near Portsmouth, can be easily accessed off the M3 motorway. We provide a comprehensive array of signage solutions tailored to meet your specific business needs in the Portsmouth area.

Whether you seek a single acrylic logo sign for your office, a large format graphic gracing your building, or a series of graphics dispersed across multiple locations, our team is ready to assist you.

Our client portfolio spans from small independent businesses to large multi-national retail giants, encompassing all sectors. Some notable brands we’ve collaborated with include John Lewis, Linden Homes, Yodel, Warwickshire Police, BMW, Stobart, Dyno-Rod and the London Underground.

Our accomplished team of signage and graphic designers, coupled with our skilled installers, are industry experts who will partner with you to craft innovative and eye-catching signage or graphics for your business in Portsmouth.


Equipped with state-of-the-art facilities for signage manufacturing and large format printing near Portsmouth, we’re well-prepared to tackle projects of all sizes.

Whether your aspirations involve an array of wall graphics at a local school in Portsmouth, aimed at inspiring students as they move around the premises, a striking window graphic for your retail store, or the desire to capture attention with captivating vehicle graphics as you drive around the Portsmouth region, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us!

Captivate, engage and convert with creative signage design

Elevate your business in Portsmouth with striking signage and graphics that go beyond mere information display.

Innovative and imaginative signage has the power to not only communicate but also create an immersive experience that seizes attention, stirs emotions, and etches a lasting imprint in the minds of your audience. The result? Increased audience engagement, heightened foot traffic, and, ultimately, a thriving business.

At the forefront of our industry, we pride ourselves on delivering outstanding signage and graphic solutions in Portsmouth, consistently adhering to strict timelines and budgetary considerations.

In addition to our meticulous surveys, comprehensive installation services, and end-to-end project management, we extend our support to include dedicated sign maintenance and removal services, ensuring that your signage continues to shine in Portsmouth.


Sign Installation Services in Portsmouth

Graphic Installation Services in Portsmouth

Vehicle Graphics in Portsmouth

Capture immediate attention with powerful graphics

Innovative signage and powerful graphics go above and beyond the ordinary. Using unique design, visual appeal, technology, storytelling, and emotional resonance we create a powerful and unforgettable wow factor.

The signs and graphics we design will not only capture immediate attention, but they will also leave a remarkable and positive impression that can benefit brands, businesses in Portsmouth, and the spaces they inhabit.

At Impression Graphics & Installations in Hampshire, there are several ways we make signage and graphics stand out and create a wow factor:

Unique Design

Innovative signage and graphics break away from the ordinary and embraces creativity to utilise fresh, original designs that stand out from the clutter of conventional signage. These unique designs immediately catch the eye and pique curiosity.

Visually Striking

We ensure our signs and graphics are visually striking. Attention-grabbing colours, shapes, and elements are combined to create a dynamic and captivating display that commands attention. The use of vibrant colours and bold typography can make the signage pop and attract viewers from a distance.

Story Telling

You can also use signage and graphics to tell a story or convey a message in a compelling and unique way. It can use visuals, symbols, or clever combinations of elements to communicate a brand’s story or values, leaving a memorable narrative in the minds of viewers.

Scale and Dimension

Large format graphics are a great way to grab maximum attention. Often, large format graphics or building signage is designed to be larger-than-life, taking up a significant portion of a building or space. This grand scale adds to the wow factor by making the signage impossible to ignore. It can transform the entire environment, creating a sense of grandeur.

Emotional Connection

Creative signage and graphics also has the capacity to evoke emotions and connect with viewers on a personal level. Whether it’s through humour, nostalgia, or a sense of aspiration, emotional resonance enhances the way people connect with your brand.

Fleet livery, van graphics and large vehicle graphics

Get your brand noticed as you drive around Portsmouth with a stunning vehicle wrap!

Whether you are seeking to enhance your fleet livery with an attention-grabbing logo, graphic or slogan or you require a vehicle wrap for a one-off promotion on a single vehicle, we are at your service.

Vehicle wraps can be full wraps, covering the entire vehicle, or partial wraps, covering only certain parts of the vehicle. They can be easily removed without damaging the original paint job, making them a popular choice for temporary or seasonal advertising campaigns.

At Impression Graphics, we use the best quality vinyls and Eco solvent inks, and combine this with our state of the art print technology, and the skill and expertise of our technicians, we guarantee you will be delighted with the result. A perfect finish on every job!

Free Consultation

If you would like to book a free consultation to discuss your sign and graphics requirements, please complete the form and we will contact you to arrange a convenient date and time to look at your requirements and supply an initial quotation. We are open Mon-Fri 8am – 5pm.  If you would like to discuss your requirements please call 01252 364674.